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Personalized Milkbone Jar

This is a very special jar, it’s a one-of-a-kind, personalized with your pet’s picture. A great idea, but not well executed. Although I was happy to get this jar, as it’s such a clever idea, but was disappointed to see how the final product was made. Okay, I am a little picky when it comes to jars, but I think this one could be done a little better.


  • The picture on the jar appears to be stuck on, like a heavy duty sticker.
  • The graphic portion (not picture) design on the jar is fuzzy, not as sharp as it could be.
  • Overall I would give the jar six out of ten stars for execution of the idea, but ten stars for originality.

Jar Information:

  • Mail-in Premium
  • No marks on bottom
  • Issue Price: $29.95 + 2 POP
  • 8 5.8″ tall

Milk-Bone Personalized Ornament

No, this is not a jar, but such a great premium that it’s included in this list. It’s an adorable ornament that is a must-have for dog lovers, especially those that want to remember that special dog. The box looks and feels identical to the real thing, just in miniature. It looks like the zip-open tag on the top even works.

  • Ornament is a glossy, weighted cardboard box.
  • Limited edition
  • Price: $13.99, plus $4. shipping

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