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These jars have been found marked or advertised with a McCoy mark, they are not the REAL McCoy. These jars are copies of jars from other companies or ceramic mold jars. The makers mark them McCoy, taking advantage of the popularity of the company. The company name shown is the company that made the authentic jar.

This list is by no means complete and in the case of a jar like the Mammy — almost every variation of a Mammy cookie jar has been copied and marked McCoy.

Betty Boop Benjamin Medwin/Vandor
Betty Boop Black
Black Chef National Silver/Pearl China
Brayton Mammy advertised as McCoy Brayton
Chick American Bisque
Chef Black
Cow Jumped Over the Moon Robinson Ransbottom
Cow with Finial on back Brush
Clown- Standing Striped pants
Cow (Daisy) Metlox
Davy Crockett Boy Brush
Dixie Mammy
Dog with Fireman’s Hat
Donald Duck Turnabout
Dumbo Leeds China
Elephant with Ice Cream Cone
Brush Fish Brush
Fish – Blue and White
Formal Pig Brush
Gingerbread Boy/Girl Turnabout
Goldilocks Regal
Humpty Dumpty Brush
Jadite Rooster/Hen Cookie Jar
Kitten on Beehive American Bisque
Little Red Riding Hood Hull/Regal
Luzianne Mammy
Mr. Peanut Nabisco
Mammy Treasure Craft/others
Mosaic Tile Mammy
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Turnabout
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Turnabout (Brown Face)
Muggsie Shawnee
Panda Sweater Bear Similar to Metlox
Pumpkin Cart w/ghost
Pumpkin – Jack O’Lantern w/mice
Pumpkin – Jack O’Lantern w/leaves
Puss n’Boots Shawnee
Rabbit- Happy Grey/White Brush
Rebel Soldier
Santa Claus Traditional Colors
Santa Claus Solid White
Santa Claus House
Round Building
Smiley Pig Clover Shawnee
Snow White Treasure Craft
Snow White done as Black Treasure Craft
Winnie the Pooh – Classic Treasure Craft
Whistler (boy) Hull, Arnel
Wolf or Bear