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Closed Basket, Two Poppies

Hull Little Red Riding Hood

One of the most popular and prettiest Little Red Riding Hood jars is the Hull Little Red Riding Hood. The design patent was issued in 1943 to Louise Bauer of Zanesville Ohio. The jars were produced by Hull as “blanks” and then sent to be decorated by the Regal China and Novelty Co in Chicago.

Schneider, author of The Complete Cookie Jar Book, notes “No doubt many collectors have noticed the uncanny similarities between the red glaze on Hull’s Little Red Riding Hood and the red glaze on Regal China’s Van Tellingen Peek A Boo Baby. That’s because they are the same.”

Although Hull did the “blanks” of many of the jars, it is believed that Regal China produced and created some of the jars from scratch. One noted collector/dealer said the consensus appears to be the jars that were Hull blanks and decorated by Regal China, are glazed inside the lid. Whereas the jars made entirely by Regal China will be unglazed inside the lid. Since accurate records were not always kept or found, this cannot be considered 100% accurate, but is a good assumption made by those in the know.

Size: 13″
Weight: 5 lbs 6 oz