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McCoy Mammy

McCoy Pottery only made two black mammy cookie jars. Both jars are widely reproduced which has caused values to come down quite a bit over the last few years.

This is second mold used by McCoy, but there were several variations on the words on the front of the dress.

  • Mammy #2 originally had the words “Dem Cookies show am good” on the front of the dress on the jars made from 1944 through 1947.
  • The words were changed in 1948 to “Cookies”.
  • This same mold was made (1942?) with the words “Dem Cookies Sho Got Dat Vitamin A”, it is thought that this particular jar was never put into production.

McCoy produced these jars in the colors of solid aqua, solid yellow and white with decorative cold paint. A jar with good cold paint is hard to find and will have prices to reflect that better condition.

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