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A – Z Cookie Jar Index

A cookie jar collection brings a smile to everyone’s face, whether young or old. Many are taken back to their grandma’s kitchen with the smell of cinnamon wafting in the air and the selection of that one “perfect” cookie taken carefully from her cookie jar.
This is a pictorial guide to vintage and antique cookie jars, along with current values, sizes and history of the jars and companies who made them.

A Little Company – Aunt Jemima
American Bisque is considered one of the big four companies for cookie jar collectors in both quantity and quality. A vintage collection probably would not be considered complete without at least one or two American Bisque jars.

  • A Little Company Gallery
  • Abingdon Pottery Gallery
  • Advertising – Miscellaneous
  • Alfano Studio Gallery
  • American Bisque
  • Animals and Company Gallery
  • Appleman Auto Works
  • Armadillo Andy
  • Aunt Jemima Jar – Hard Plastic
  • Aunt Jemima Jar – Soft Plastic

Barnum Animal Crackers – Basketball
Many cookie jar collectors like to specialize in a certain type of jar and bear cookie jars are on the top of many collectors lists. There are old ones, new ones, licensed jars and lots of advertising jars featuring bears. McCoy, American Bisque, Brush — all the grand old pottery companies made bear jars of some type or another.

  • Barnum Animal Crackers
  • Bear Cookie Jars
  • Betsy Jars / B & B Pottery
  • Black Cookie Jars
  • Boyds Collection Jars
  • Braums Dairy Gallery
  • Brayton Laguna Coachman
  • Brush Pottery Jars
  • Brush-McCoy
  • Baseball – See Sports
  • Basketball – See Sports