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Betty Boop

Where to start?

Clay Art Betty Boop
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Betty Boop made her debut in 1930 in the animated cartoon Dizzy Dishes. This cute character actually started out as anthropomorphic French poodle, but didn’t take long before she became a full female woman. She was also apparently quite the sex symbol or as much being a cartoon character would allow. After a few years her sex symbol character changed to appeal more to children. A lot of that was in response to complaints about her suggestive winks and behavior and the National Legion of Decency and the Production Code of 1934. A little hard to believe now in this day and age of permissiveness in the movies that a cartoon character could be considered risque.

Star Jars Betty Boop

Betty is a collector’s delight, there is so much stuff that it’s hard to figure out where to start. Figurines, ceramic pieces, clothing, jewelry, clothing accessories — it’s all available, but for the sake of this article let’s consider the cookie jars.

Betty Boop cookie jars are plentiful and have been made by the very best companies. the first Betty Boop jars were most likely made by Vandor. A Betty Boop wearing a top hat was a smallish jar, but at the time of production, one of the first Betty Boop jars being made, circa was early 1980s.

Vandor Betty Boop

Fast forward a few years and Vandor had a license to produce more jars — a dual license with Coca Cola was just the tip of the iceberg for Vandor. Betty was shown in many different cars, in front of skyscrapers as well as dressed in different fictional characters. In fact collecting just Betty Boop cookie jars would result in quite a nice sized collection.

Betty Boop has been Carmen Miranda, Juliet, Cleopatra, and Lady Frankenstein. She has been shown in many car cookie jars, running a diner and sitting at a diner counter advertising Coca Cola.

Companies producing Betty Boop cookie jars include Vandor, the most prolific, Clay Art, Benjamin Medwin, Enesco, Westland Gifts, Pacific Enterprises and Star Jars.