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Rhett Butler

Produced in 1997 Height: 13 1/4″ Licensed Jar Limited edition of 500 (full edition not produced) Estimated Value – $$$$

Brush Humpty Dumpty Beanie

Brush made two Humpty Dumpty jars, this is called the Beanie jar, the other has a peaked brown hat. This Brush jar is heavy, as are all their jars and is also known to be reproduced in several different ways. Beware of the jars marked McCoy – not the real deal....

Hull Little Red Riding Hood

Closed Basket, Two Poppies One of the most popular and prettiest Little Red Riding Hood jars is the Hull Little Red Riding Hood. The design patent was issued in 1943 to Louise Bauer of Zanesville Ohio. The jars were produced by Hull as “blanks” and then...