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Dairy Queen

Throughout the years Dairy Queen has sold miscellaneous advertising memorabilia, but it wasn’t until 1999/2000 that they produced a cookie jar. This soon followed with three more jars over the next decade. Overall the jars are well-made and perfectly represent the product — my favorite type of advertising jar.

The first jar was definitely the best, it makes you want ice cream, preferably a sundae with chocolate syrup. Yes, it is that realistic looking.

Dairy Queen Sundae Jar

Sundae Jar
Looking good enough to eat, the Sundae jar was available through some of the Dairy Queen stores and online through the official Dairy Queen website.

  • Originally Sold: 1999/2000
  • Approximately: 12″ high
  • Issue Price: $40.

Dairy Queen Blizzard

Blizzard Jar
Originally available through the Dairy Queen web site and via phone orders. The other side of the jar has the Dairy Queen logo.

  • Originally Sold: Fall 2000/2001
  • Approximately: 10.5″ high
  • Issue Price: $41.

Dairy Queen Building

Restaurant Building
Somehow this jar eluded me when it was originally sold, I know it was available in 2011 on eBay, but didn’t get mine on eBay until 2012. There are no marks on the jar that give a clue as to when it was produced or how it was sold.

The lid on this jar is heavy, almost top heavy for the base. I think the lid can get easily broken.

Dairy Queen Blizzard

Another Blizzard jar, this time with a spoon peaking out of the ice cream. It’s a bit smaller than the other blizzard jar and even came with directions on how to open the jar. (A brief introduction to the wonderful world of ceramic jar-lid opening.)

  • Sold: Summer 2013
  • Issue Price: $44.

Dairy Queen Cone

Ice Cream Cone
Another Dairy Queen jar that snuck up on me. I found this jar on eBay in 2015, again no marks or information on how it was originally produced.

This is a skinny jar, think it might be best to hold candies instead of cookies, small candies! But the good news, it’s narrow enough that it will be easy to stick in with the rest of the collection.