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Grease Monkey

This is one of those elusive jars that has not been well documented, but bits and pieces over the years give us information and help to figure out how it was offered.
According to a Cookie Jarrin, November 1994 issue, the Grease Monkey was offered as a premium for $2.95 when you had your car serviced at a Grease Monkey (automotive) store. Another dealer did some research and was fairly sure that the Grease Monkey automotive stores offering the jars were located in California.

  • Circa: 1960 – 1963
  • Marks: None – bottom is glazed
  • Size: 10.5″ wide x 6.75″ high
  • Values: $400 – $600

The first time I saw this jar was at a Cookie Jar Show in Nashville, Tennessee. It definitely spoke to me, but the price was $850. and a bit too high for my blood. But all that did was put the cookie jar on my must-have list and I looked for it for years.
The very few times the jar was for sale, it was always pricey, usually over $500. Although I did see the jar sold for the ridiculous price of $25. at an auction when it was under the radar. No, I didn’t buy it and obviously didn’t know about it until after the fact. A good reason to check those online auctions that might only offer a few jars among other, very different lots.

Eventually the Grease Monkey jar joined our advertising collection at a still-high price, but not the $500. usually asked.

For those that might not be a cookie jar or pottery collector, this would also fit in well and be an unusual piece in automotive collection or perhaps someone who collects all sorts of monkeys.

Note: I’ve also seen pictures of this jar with blue overalls, possibly a reproduction(?), but I am not sure if it’s another version or a knock-off.