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  • Tobacco Jar or Cookie Jar?
    Ever seen a jar listed on eBay as a cookie jar that had you scratching your head? And even after perusing your extensive library of cookie jar books you still couldn't identify the jar? More than likely, the jar you were looking at was a humidor or tobacco jar, as they are more commonly known. The world of tobacco jar collecting is similar to the world of cookie jar collecting, except for a few distinct differences. Read more . . .
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  • Are you a Sniper?? What do you think about snipers? Take the poll and let me know!
  • SC Auction Results - October 2009
    A selection of pictures and prices from the South Carolina auction that featured some higher end Metlox jars.
  • Negatha Peterson
    Negatha (pronounced Ne-gath-a) Peterson cookie jars have become very collectible, which is not surprising considering their beautiful decoration is based on the brightly colored folk art patterns collectively known as Blue Ridge pottery. A style of decoration first developed by Southern Potteries, Inc of Erwin, Tennessee in the early part of the 20th century. Read more . . . .
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    Over the years I've tried several different forums, none have been completely satisfactory. So when the last forums were lost in the host-switch, I've decided to go with an old tried and true, Delphi Forums as the Marketplace Forums. As of this time, it's an unmoderated forum, but if you see something that shouldn't be there, don't hesitate to inform me.

    The boards are set up, so please feel free to post a note, list a jar for sale or let us know what you want. Although registration is required, it's free and easy, plus Delphi has been around for so long -- I suspect many are already members.

Hull? Regal? Royal China and Novelty Co?
It's a confusing genealogy -- trying to figure out the true and accurate history of the Louise Bauer Little Red Riding Hood jar. Is it a Hull, Regal or Royal China and Novelty Company? Although not all the answers are known, hopefully this article will be a start!

Brush McCoy Jars? There's No Such Thing!
Read the review on eBay and find out why seller listing Brush-McCoy jars are WRONG.

McCoy Jar? Is it the Real Deal?
McCoy was one of the most prolific cookie jar companies in the U.S., so many jars were made that many people don't even think about the other companies when they find a jar and list it for sale with the wrong name.. If it's old, it must be McCoy or so they think A visit around the Internet or a book will help identify the real thing and save you from making costly mistakes. Read more . . . .

McCoy Pictures and Prices
Just a few McCoy jars are shown in the cookie jar picture gallery, more will be added as time allows!

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