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Little Red Riding Hood

Facts, Myths and Truth

Red Huston was one of the foremost authorities on Little Red Riding Hood. His and Mary Ann’s collection was amazing to view with Little Red Riding Hood examples of every kind. He was quite the character and an encyclopedia when it came to discussing this cute little girl. I picked his brain quite often and he was always helpful. Red was the source for this article and helped document more about Little Red Riding Hood pottery pieces.

The facts are confusing for the Louise Bauer Little Red Riding Hood jar. Is it a Hull, Regal or Royal China and Novelty Company? Not everything is completely known, but this should be a start for those interested in collecting these pieces.

The patent was issued to Hull, but Hull only did blanks and sent them to Royal China and Novelty Co. (a division of Regal China) to be decorated. The decorated jars were then sent back to Hull for distribution. BUT Royal/Regal also produced jars and most of the go-withs.

  • Regal China Jars are pure white jars, as opposed to the off-white jars produced by Hull.
  • Hull jars are glazed inside the head, jars produced by Regal were not glazed inside the head.

Closed Baskets vs Open Baskets
There doesn’t seem to be much difference in value between the baskets, it’s the decoration that makes all the price difference.

The lids are not all the same.
There are three different head molds for the jars.

On the poinsettia jar, the face is looking straight ahead and not bowed down.
The molds for heads of the closed basket and open basket are slightly different. It’s hard to tell the difference just looking at them, but the tops do not sit quite right in the base when switched.

There were numerous different marks on the bottom of the jars, for instance, Supnick’s Hull Little Red Riding Hood mentions five marks. At least one other mark exists.

The S479 number is convex and the rest of the mark/text is concave. According to Red Huston, this is the only jar he has ever seen with the number in the upper left-hand corner.

Hull Mark

Regal Mark

Values and Rarity
There are numerous flower decals on Little Red Riding Hood and this is where the value is determined.

The most common jar decal is the Poppy decal, which comes in three different variations. One poppy in the middle, two poppies and three or more poppies on a decal, these all have smaller assorted flowers on the decals. There are is also a rose decal, but it’s a pink rose, not the blood-red rose commonly seen on reproductions or fakes.

The two most sought after styles of Little Red Riding jars are:

  • The Poinsettia jars — three different sizes of flower decals are on these jars.
  • Jars with a red overspray on the bottom of the dress, with gold bows on the apron. These are all open basket jars with various flowers, but no poppies or poinsettias. Another variation on this jar — the ones with a solid straight line have a gold underside on the apron.

Another very valuable and extremely rare jar is an all white jar with gold accents on the jar. No other color is in the jar, but the gold trim. (This jar can be seen in Supnick’s The Wonderful World of Cookie Jars).

In today’s world of cookie jars with prices all over the place, I’ve elected not to give a price value, but instead to give a comparison of values.

Single Poppy — $$
Two Poppies — $$$
Three or more Poppies — $$$$
Poinsettia Decals – $$$$$
Red over-spray on hem — $$$$$
White Jar with gold decals –$$$$$++

There are many different Little Red Riding Hood jars, a few are similar to the Louise Bauer design, such as the Dept. 56 jar and the Jonal jar. These are clearly marked on the bottom. The Bauer design has also been widely reproduced with fake marks on the bottom, misleading people to think they are getting an authentic Hull or Regal jar.

The biggest ‘fake’ of all is the so-called McCoy Little Red Riding Hood. The REAL McCoy Company NEVER made a Little Red Riding Hood, nor did they make any of the go-withs that are occasionally purported to be McCoy.

Although it’s getting increasingly harder to keep track of all the fakes and reproductions of Little Red Riding Hood, be especially careful when purchasing the following pieces. They have all been either reproduced or a fantasy piece — never made in the original line.

Little Red Riding Hood string holders, baby dish, butter dish, teapot, milk pitcher, batter pitcher, canister, spice jars, cracker jar, match box, mustard jar and spoon and banks.

Fantasy (never produced by Hull or Regal):
Sugar shaker and hat pin holder.

So far, reproductions have not been seen of the wolf grease jar, chocolate cup, dresser jar, lamp, or covered casserole. But obviously, that can change at any time.

Thanks to Red Huston for sharing his knowledge and assistance.


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