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BFlat by Alfano

Alfano Studios

The Alfano Studios produced some of the finest artist jars around as evidenced by the number of their editions which quickly sold out.

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Abnigdon Hippo Jar

Abington Pottery

Abingdon was founded in 1908 as the Abingdon Sanitary Manufacturing Company, producing toilet fixtures and commodes. It was in the early thirties that the pottery (because of the depression and lack of construction) started doing artware, but kept the same name.

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After a short break The Cookie Jar Net is coming back on line. Bare with us as we try to add back the old content, as well as additional information for the collector, most specifically cookie jar collectors.


Milk-Bone Dog House

This jar was available in the late eighties to early nineties as a mail-in premium offered on the biscuit box. The jar is cold-painted and paint flakes are not uncommon when finding this jar on the secondary market. This jar was one of my first advertising cookie...

Milk-Bone Crock Jar

The Milk-Bone Crock Jar was available on the biscuit boxes starting around 1999, with the offer lasting for several years. Mail-in Promotion Issue Price: $19.95 Value: $20. - $35 Read More: Nabisco Milk-Bone Cookie Jar Information Dog House Giant Dog Biscuit Crock Jar...

Personalized Milk-Bone Cookie Jar

This is a very special jar, it's a one-of-a-kind, personalized with your pet's picture. A great idea, but not well executed. Although I was happy to get this jar, as it's such a clever idea, but was disappointed to see how the final product was made. Okay, I am a...

Milkbone Dog Biscuit

Part of The Nabisco Classics Collection, this terrific jar is every dog's dream. A giant dog biscuit! This jar was sold on the Nabisco web site in the mid-nineties and through the Nabisco catalogs as part of The Nabisco Classics collection. Available in mid-nineties...

Abingdon Mother Goose

Jar is approximately 12 1/4" tall. Bottom of jar is marked with 695 incised. Jar is marked with an inkstamp "Abingdon USA". Estimated values up to $200-$300. Note: There is a Pfaltzgraff Mother Goose that is almost identical to this one, including incised mark on the...

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