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Planters Peanut Company

Morphy Auctons*

The Planter Peanut Company was born on a park bench in Wilkes-Barre, Pa in 1906, when peanut seller Amedeo Obici and Mario Peruzzi formed their company. Several years later the company opened their first plant in Suffolk, VA (1916).
Planters Peanut Company Historical Timeline

Mr. Peanut:
1916 was the same year that the dapper Mr. Peanut was chosen as the Planters Peanut logo after a company sponsored contest. The contest was won by teenager Antonio Gentile, his sketch was enhanced with Mr. Peanut’s trademark monocle, cane and top hat by a commercial artist. Mr. Peanut has become more modernized over the years, but is still very recognizable from his early years.
Dating Your Collectibles– From Peanut Pals

Mr. Peanut memorabilia and collectibles consist of just about everything that could be emblazoned with the trademark character — including: old boxes, signs, books, tins, figures, posters, jars, pins, ashtrays, tin serving dishes, dolls, silverware, banks, watches, and salt/pepper sets.
Pictures, Prices and Values:

Mr. Peanut collectibles can realize high prices for the older, rare items. Would you believe a pink plastic baby rattle selling for over $700?

Planters Peanuts Glass Counter Jars:
Glass counter jars are a popular category for collectors, which has also made them ripe for reproductions!

Authentic Planter’s Peanuts Glass jars include:

  • The Four Peanut Corner jar, aka the Blown Peanut jar.
  • Barrel Jar was the largest jar produced. Shaped like a barrel with both a standing and running peanut guy on the side. Peanut finial.
  • Eight-sided pennant jar w/several different variations.
  • Football shaped jar
  • Six Sided Peanut jar with peanut finial.
  • Square Planters Jar with word Planters embossed on all four sides.
  • Fish bowl shaped jar
  • Round jars with a variety of designs.

Beware of Reproductions:
Mr. Peanut seems to have more than his share of reproductions and fantasy items.
Watch out for anything made by “McCoy”, as the company never made a Mr. Peanut jar or bank. Glass counter jars have also been reproduced, make sure you know what you’re buying and do the homework before spending money on an item you are not familiar with.
Mr. Peanut Fakes and Fantasy Items– Collector’s Site

Peanut Pals
Peanut Pals was founded in 1978 and currently has over 900 members around the world. The club has annual conventions, as well as mini-conventions.
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Times Square:
Who doesn’t know Mr. Peanut? Mr. Peanut, an oldie but certainly a goody, has been around for almost 100 years. I’ve heard that the sense of smell can trigger the most memories, it does for me. I can still bring that smell of roasted nuts back just by seeing Mr. Peanut and remembering walking by the Planters Peanut store in Times Square, NYC many years ago.

Today, Mr. Peanut still reigns supreme high over Broadway and still brings back all those memories, tastes and smells.

*Only known example. Fiberglass statue, hat is not original, but brim is. No cane, although a hole is in the hand for the cane.

  • Circa: 1940s – 1950s
  • Size: 4′ tall
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Auction Date: March 2009
  • Pre-Auction Estimate: $4000. – $6000.
  • Sold Price: $7020.