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Star Jars


Catalog sheet from the Star Jars Company

Dateline: October 1998
In 1993, Peter Gemmi founded Star Jars. Gemmi came from the Fine Arts Industry, and brought a wealth of information to the fledgling company by utilizing his expertise in collectibles. Peter, knowing that the major Hollywood Studios were apt to give licenses to companies that could create and enhance their licensed characters, set forth on a mission to discover a product that would utilize his Art Gallery background. Knowing that most licenses were taken, Peter decided that no manufacturer had secured the licenses for “upscale” limited edition numbered cookie jars.

In fact, early on in 1993 before Peter had chosen a name for the company, he was quite sure that having the license to Star Wars characters from Lucas Films would be pivotal for launching the new company. With that in mind, Peter choose Star Jars in order to impress Lucas Films. Though the initial attempt to win the license from Lucas failed, eventually Star Jars was given rights to Star Wars.

Star Jars first success came via Turner Entertainment, holders of the license for the Wizard of Oz. Treasure Craft was chosen as the company to manufacture the eleven piece series, which quickly became the industry standard for excellence. In 1995, the Tin Man was the first jar to be distributed.

In addition to the limited edition numbered cookie jars, Star Jars has created the same in Salt & Pepper Shakers, making miniatures of our classic cookie jars.

Star Jars had licenses with Golden Books, Harvey Entertainment, King Features, King World Productions, Lucas Films, Marvel Entertainment, Universal Studios, Viacom, Speed Racer, Jim Henson and Warner Bros.

In addition to “limited edition” cookie jars, Star Jars also launched a line of breakfast-ware featuring “Ozware”, hoping to take advantage of the 60th Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz in 1999, as Warner Bros. will be celebrating the event throughout the year. There were dozens of items in the “Ozware” line featuring: Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion mugs, a Wicked Witch Teapot, Ruby Slippers Sugar & Creamer, Wizard of Oz All Character Cookie Jar and Emerald City/Witch’s Castle Juice Pitcher.

The hallmark of Star Jars merchandise is quality and variety at good value. More than 50 designers/artists worked with the licensors to deliver a product that is the envy of the collectibles industry.

Unfortunately the Star Jars Company is no longer in business, closing a few years after this article was written.

The above information was supplied by Star Jars.