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Treasure Craft – From Brown to Limited Editions

Treasure Craft Rag Doll

Large well-made jars are typical of the Treasure Craft brand. From the early days of brown jars to the later limited editions of popular characters, Treasure Craft has always appealed to collectors, but never quite reaching the status of a must-have pottery. Although several jars are quite valuable and hard-to-find, most are in the average price and availability category.

  • Treasure Craft was founded in Gardena, California, in 1945 by Alfred A. Levin sold items from California potters.
  • In the 1950s Treasure Craft was manufacturing it’s own ceramics.
  • In November 1988 Treasure Craft was acquired by the Pfaltzgraff Company.
  • Treasure Craft ceased manufacturing in Los Angeles in 1995 and items were imported from Mexico and Asia.
  • The years 1998 – 1999 saw an ownership change at Treasure Craft, although the name and location remained the same.
  • Zak Designs acquired Treasure Craft in 1999 and the ceramic cookie jars have never been quite the same and were eventually phased out completely.

Known reproductions of Treasure Craft jars include:

  • Nanna
  • Snow White
  • Sugar (smaller version)