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Brush-McCoy Cookie Jars? Nope!

Brush-McCoy Cookie Jars — there is no such thing! Although Brush and McCoy were one company for a few years, the companies went their own way in 1925. During the few years the two companies were “together” no cookie jars were made.

McCoy Pottery made cookie jars and Brush Pottery made cookie jars, but that was only after the two companies went their own ways.

There is NO such thing as an authentic Brush-McCoy Cookie Jar.

  • The first Brush cookie jar, made in 1929, is pictured in The Complete Cookie Jar Book by Schneider.It’s called the Brush Kolorkraft #344 and is thought to be possibly the first pottery jar produced. (Mike Schneider)
  • Brush jars have been widely reproduced and it can be hard to tell reproductions from the originals. Original molds were sold and used later for reproductions. Brush Pottery closed its doors in 1982
  • Bottom Line: If a jar is marked Brush-McCoy beware, it’s not an authentic jar.