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Fake vs Real Cow Over Moon Jar

Fake jar compared to real RRP.

Another jar that is marked McCoy, but is not. This is a reproduction of the RRP Jar Cow Jumped Over the Moon shown next to the real thing. The reproduction jar has also been found with colors similar to the real jar.

Take a close look at the details of the jar. The features on the blue jar are not as distinct and clear. For instance, the spoon is just a soft blob, not as clear and sharp. Also the dog’s features really show up on the RRP jar as compared to the reproduction jar. This same color blue glaze has been seen on other reproduction jars and of course, the size is smaller. When a mold is copied, there will be shrinkage of the clay when it is fired, therefore the smaller size of fake jars.

The jar on the left markings are: Brush McCoy, Cow Jumped Over The Moon

Markings on the bottom of jar on the right: RRP Co., Roseville Ohio, No. 317