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Shawnee vs Midwest Sailors

Shawnee vs Midwest

Midwest of Cannon Falls has produced this look-a-like cookie jar. Everything is the same as the old Shawnee jar, except the size. The new jar is TALLER than the old one and there is no cold paint on the jar. All the creases, curves, and bumps are exactly alike, but the Shawnee jar is quite a bit heavier than the thinner, lightweight import.

Unfortunately the Midwest jar has no permanent marks on the jar. There is only a paper label on the bottom that reads “An exclusive design from Midwest of Cannon Falls. Made in China”.

It would be hard to pass the newer jar off as vintage, the combination of weight and color should make it easy to tell the difference for anyone who has even a basic knowledge of pottery or jars. In the Fall of 2000, the Midwest jar was sold with an issue price of $40.