What is a Cookie Jar

A cookie jar collection brings a smile to almost everyone’s face, even if they are not a collector. The collecting often starts when we want to “find” that jar from our childhood memories. It might have been a Shawnee Smiley or a Little Red Riding Hood. Often it’s the Los Angeles Pottery crock covered with cookie designs that was redeemed after months of collecting Green Stamps! If you’re a new collector, the world is your oyster, jars are plentiful and affordable — but do your homework and make sure you are always getting the real McCoy!

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Crumbs from Barb’s Jar


I don’t know too much about how this works/happens, but Kith is known for their collaborations. A few years ago a Bodega near son’s apartment

Cheryl’s Jars & Cookies!

Checking out Cheryl’s Cookies shop is always a must for jar collectors. She (does Cheryl really exist?) usually has few seasonal pieces and when I

At Home

This was the first jar (this season!) that I felt was a must-buy. I was shopping for Halloween when I saw this cute little guy